Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Why'd He Shoot? (part 3)

The N.Y.T. are on the scene getting the "news" story --- getting the story out. Today, I'm very proud of you bastards! Here is an old Af man with a beard, who lost 11 family members. Let's find out. Was he a Taliban? Was he a "sand nigger"? It is the beloved military, the "excellency" of which Obama evoked in his press statement immediately following the massacre. U. S. military. Are they the ones who had authority over  these kinds of persons, and excellently or magnificently allowed these kinds of persons to serve for three tours of duty in Iraq? Some of our military in Iraq retained their U. S. "street gang" affiliations even while in the service --- this is known.
     But of course it is kind of hard to control the military. Since they 'ave guns?
     Um----I tink that's why you need to control the military. I teenk so; yeah.

     That is not all that I have to say either. You control your military in a way that corresponds to the culture you have --- just like a sentence corresponds to grammatical --- not simply sustain these men in a "hard" or a maniacal lifestyle or military culture. You create a military that concurs with your home values.
     Our cultural values do not include blowing away women and children however.
     When the first servicemen arrived in Iraq, soon after they found there were terrorists in the neighborhood. Then the first thing they did is they pointed guns in people's faces randomly. I know these people, OK? I was raised in US/America. But that isn't how you do it. Wrong response, guys. If this happened in the U. S. (or in the northern, urban parts of it anyway) Americans can handle such a situation and develop around it. Or, in spite of it. And this is "cultural." We've all had these authoritarian teachers in school and so forth. I knew a right-winger for a little while. He described one law enforcement officer he'd encountered (he had been on himself, in fact: military police in Viet Nam) as being "badge heavy." I laughed. When you enter --- when you penetrate --- another person's country...   well you are encountering another culture. Yet the military, or the government, or whoever it is that is responsible, just do not seem to be able to handle this idea. So, what I am saying is that Americans are arrogant, I have seen it all my life, and when I read about this I get an immediate idea of the basic problem --- which none of our educated people seem to be able to articulate.
     So, it is left for Jack the Blogger, I guess.

references, for today's post, include the New York Times newspaper for this day. And the term "excellent" or "excellence" implied in the beginning of the piece references Obama's short statement released after the incident in Afghanistan occurred.

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