Saturday, March 31, 2012

Hey, I Get it (you quote Malcom McDowell and Clark Gable in the same post)

Hey, I get it now: theory of the "bloggie." It is supposed to be sort of a real time flash posting according to how one's thoughts are in the moment, as they come to you. So it is rather non-like my own posts, which are sometimes my attempts at composed essays, which would be on (what?)----a separate "essays" sub-section? If I knew what the freakin' hell I was doin"? Well, there are a few things to say here. I don't see a place for such a section on what Google has so kindly provided my on this blog. I am Asperger's-autistic. And, quite frankly, I don't give a fuck Miriam, or whomever it was in that movie, and yes, I know I am supposed to quote clark gable on that and say "damn," but quite frankly Miriam or whomever it is... I don't give a Damn.
     But all you "fans" if I have any should be glad. I finally got what blogging is. So good of you to stick with me for so long until you can rejoice about that. All my "followers," I mean. So let us proceed with da "real time" blogging scenario oh my brothers and only friends:

   Compared to other places, US/America (that's my original name for the country) offers a situation of shall we say enhanced opportunity. Which is why denizens of the other societies/countries of the world seem to be comin' here fer a couple eons or so.
    The answer now comes directly. It had something to do with American capitalism. First, the newly formed U. S. or whatever they called it had to slightly revise itself and it did so, I think it was in 1787. The new constitutional basis gave a large group of persons much better access to the tools of desire.
    OK: tools of business. Americans thus had an easier time of it when they attempted to go into, Well --- business. This remains a kind of open secret. You can probably start a business yourself, but you probably need to start one yourself to get it. At any rate, starting one's own business became easier in the U.S., than say, Germany. This is a major factor in everything that came later. You could probably start your own business in Germany only it was not so easy. And that is what "worked," for America.
    Since the earlier "Confederation" phase and later on as well the American project was a project based on high ideals. This history of high ideals made a smooth transition to implementation of what was, and even still is, a somewhat odd notion: that of allowing the basic run of the species --- no doubt with still a certain bias towards only letting "good people" in --- to shoot up their own businesses.

Well, that is what happens when I try to be spontaneous --- so I hope you got what you wished for.

(updated, yup, on May 27th, just for kicks)

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