Saturday, March 31, 2012

Adrienne Rich

A facebook page just told me that A. Rich has passed.

A deep, complex poet, not particularly to my taste. At the same time, somehow I have read a little bit of her. I happen to have just recently read a short book of a lecture she gave somewhere ( That, too. So I have some idea who she "is."
So to speak.

Now if you click that link there is a synopsis of it. And you have also a section of readers' comments. The following snippet was published in both of those places, the comments and the synopsis of the book, and it is a quote from that book:

"I hope never to idealize poetry it (...) has suffered enough from that. Poetry is not a healing lotion, an emotional massage, a kind of linguistic aromatherapy. Neither is it a blueprint, nor an instruction manual, nor a billboard."

You won't find that snippet in the New York Times article, though, that was published upon news of her dying. The man they selected to write the goodbye article in question is --- you could not make this up --- an author whose book, mentioned at the bottom of said article, (in "Books") is entitled, "The Beautiful and the Pointless." 

(Not exactly the guy I would have chosen too write on Adrienne Rich)

In fact, that also brings around the economics point that in my theory of economics one prime characteristic of the way capitalism works (a primary and therefore inevitable/omnipresent characteristic) is there is always the hybridity, the combination, of garbage and integrity. These two are combined in the society.

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