Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Market for All of Us

I see a big concrete building; it is the board of trade. At one time, something like the Chicago Board of Trade may have had some function. Has to do with a market. Within the market, much variety. And there are many buyers, so that's variety as well. There are many buyers in respect of, or abuse of, the market. Savvy traders come from near& far...up high, on the outer wall: bas relief engravings of Mesopotamians holding their product --- sheaves of grain, maybe wheat or something, something that someone harvested --- in their hands. They hold the products in hand, up on that wall.
     The persons that "placed" the bas-relief, on that wall, of that architectural monolith on the other hand seem to have been reaching far back into history. And I think, as I walk to the university,  that they want to say that trade has been forever and it always shall remain and never need be questioned. By this reckoning, trade failure is not a concept worthy of consideration at all.
     But  there's nothing absolute, and even volcanos go extinct.

     There are diamonds, violets. And there are violent working class persons guffawing, trading slaps on back not sheaves of wheat.
      Working class persons have a way of relating to size. Size is variable --- not controlled by money.

      They use the phrase "a big one." And everybody in the working class wants "a big one."

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