Thursday, March 15, 2012


Blagoevich says he thinks, after all what he has gone through, that this is about humility maybe. He used the word "maybe." Twice, according to the newspaper caption quoting him word for word.
"You can never be humble enough," Blagoevich is reported to have said. (this from a newspaper caption I saw with this quote.) Just be humble.

Be humble, but, why the emphasis on not enough, i.e. "never...enough"?

Next thing: when I proceed to check out of Walgreens and get my $20.00 bill, c.b. style, 
I now see the "People" displayed. "People" magazoo-ine features Davy Jones, a dead Monkee and what I thought it said was that: He changed the face of music. He changed the face of music?!! He changed the face of cuteness - it was really a great, beautiful picture - not the face of music.
     Why all the superlatives?
     Governor Blagoevitch is in consideration of the matter of humility, but even as he does so, he does not know a thing.

Who are these morons leading us? Americans who have "become somebody" --- always a dangerous thing for white persons --- may wind up as p.r. magnates. They may put out glossy covers of glossy mags once a month or once a week. Or, they may be what I have seen called "pols," those who run for office --- the most recent political figure who suddenly stopped wearing a tie. They are arrogant.

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