Saturday, March 24, 2012

IN the morning

                                         IN the Morning

In the morning just after awakening it is perfectly possible that maybe I could notice that large portions of our lives are subaltern - completely off any linguistic map. Of course: I am using language to say this.But that’s exactly why it is so tenuous of a project, why it only occurs for a moment after awakening. 
     There are, obviously, alternative versions of reality. In the morning I am going to be transitioning, from one state, the hallucinations of sleep (politely referred to as dreams), into another state that is boring and physical, that is more mundane and handy. The waking state is physical, tangible and predictable. In this existence social codes that are carefully followed can land a person in a “job”---if you're not careful. And this provides your daily butter or money or other lubricant. I guess that means "money," in short. But in the morning, for just a moment, or even maybe you can extend it for a few minutes, you can see at least a little of the “other side,” where language doesn't go and where there would be many sides you could digress into----but usually you do not.
    But it can be done; you can see a different world, you can see another earth. (Not to plagiarize Echart Tolle or anything)

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