Thursday, March 15, 2012

Cute Glossy Cover, pt. 2

This morning I saw a picture of D. Jones (not the Beatle; I mean the) Monkee who just died. Davy Jone's picture on the cover is so cute that I have to agree. He was somebody important, but for the history of cuteness, not the history of music. Dylan and Bill Haley and Louis Armstrong are the ones who changed the face of music, or changed music's history and not D. J. ... Or... wait a minute! hold on! 
     It suddenly strikes me that maybe it is that the people of "People" (mag) are saying that Davey J. changed the face of music! He did not change music. He changed to face. Did you get that? The face. The face of the music not the music.

     OK it's still arrogant.

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