Monday, March 12, 2012

Right-ist and Leftish (Part 2)

Here is our previous query. This reproduction comes direct from the past, via a method known as "cut and paste." It is from "part the first." Which was so brilliant that I had going to reproduce it here. I need time to breathe. OK, I'm OK now. I will write it out again (well, the computer helped):  
Is there any such a thing as mistreatment? Has anyone ever been mistreated --- for no reason? Has anyone who was just completely innocent, just standing there, ever actually been mistreated?  (Isn't that a brilliant question? You can also find it right here:

     So, what I figgered out (all on my own, no thanks to John Carleton) is this.
 To say someone was MIS treated, as if for NO REASON, is to say that things happen for no reason. Or to say that karma is not involved. On the other hand --- I always work dialectically --- the Buddhist sages say that "karma"---not to be confused with "harm ya" ---is definitely something that WE can intervene in. This is confirmed by that Theradavin website, the one I linked to in pt. the first. So, the answer would be that no OTHER person ever mistreated us. Our suffering did not come from outside. The mistreatment comes from our minds. And our karma.

     So, it's still pretty complicated. I think I'm getting warm but I do not feel I am on top of it yet. I still need help, so the query is still out there, there is the same call for Comments. If not, I'll keep working on it myself.   -thank you

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