Sunday, March 18, 2012

Rules and Standards (But Not For All Time)

     There are certain rules and standards and methods of human interaction. 

     You can never get exactly what you want so it must be that capitalism somehow enabled the West to have a tolerably workable system, and, for a certain period of time, there was a system where persons could get some of what they want and need.
     I am not saying that everyone benefited, or it wasn't in some cases pretty horrible, or that it did not cause more problems than help for some persons. But, for a small group of persons, there was a sort of window of opportunity there. It was a limited engagement run, from which thinking humans could have built processes and methods, by which the already-developed methods of capitalism could move towards a system that became saner over time. But, apparently that isn't what we wanted. It could have become a bit better through persons truly looking for ways to improve the society and its set of social institutions. But, instead, we got all tied up in this nonsense. Karl Rove once made a speech where he specifically said "do not worry about Process."

Now, the current kind of capitalism has reached an illogical impasse

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