Monday, March 19, 2012

Oh No! Forbes, Again!! (Theory of the Business Class)

This guy is is a columnist for Forbes, who is described.
Charles Kadlec, Contributor
I cover economic/political issues with liberty as my polar star
Having liberty as your polar start is I suppose a focus point that is the excuse for not needing to employ reason. Or focus anywhere else.
Here we have the example of the weird, psychotic businessman-type post:

Notice, it is from July, 2011 and he is STILL saying climate change is fake. In fact we don't really know who or what is fake, so we'd better pay attention to just ourselves, and our own morality. That would be good advice, but, alas, some of the businessmen are psychotic. In the post Kadlec makes a conspiracy theory, even as it is supposed to be about one, about there being a conspiracy theory. Somebody else's of course. There may indeed be something fake in the world. That is possible of course. There may be a fake thing or two in  the world. Charles Kadlec. That's sarcasm, OK? I'm sure he's a perfectly nice man and he gets boners just like I do and everybody else does except for women, the poor dears.
     But psychosis is not something you can fake. The content of Forbes, whom I have commented on once before, in February post ('Say's Law') seems similar in content to the editorial identity of, say, the WSJ. It is definitely psychopathology, and this is a window into the business psychosis now afflicting America. They're psychopathological.
     I said it again to reiterate. I may be a little crazy sometimes but these kinds of columns in Forbes are valuable. For they are the best illustration of what I think is true which is that the businessman nowadays is all about gradually creating a group, a social class, a psychotic one.

Woooo! Better take a break. Two blogs already to day.

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