Sunday, March 25, 2012

Why There Are Skyscrapers

The capitalist system has worked magnificently. Just look at the skyscrapers. Donald Trump has built one that is quite high. Every unit has to be paid for; the top floor is for sale for 30 million dollars, unfurnished. I hear you get quite a view. Look how many millionaires, and skyscrapers there are. What a magnificent system. It's a working system, but every square inch has to be paid for. Without money you are nothing. The entire thing hinges, now as ever, on how many dollars are connected with the individual. To make more dollars you spend the ones you already have, and the money circulates. The total volume of dollars increases: that is why there are skyscrapers.

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  1. alternative title and/or auxilliary coment:

    It's all about a centralized system of Monetary circulation, plus air-conditioning