Friday, March 9, 2012

On Rick Becoming Large

Once Santorum starts making headway  – of course he split with Romney on Tuesday and thus goes on with his campaign – he is going to start looking better too.
     Success is shiny, and in the Wednesday N.Y.T. he sports a nice smile. He’ll begin to glow. He’ll get a healthy sheen to his bad self. When Bush had that success,he still looked ungainly despite winning the role of the political leadership. In fact, if you want to know the truth of it ... he looked like a fucking wacked-out moron then and he still looks like one because I saw him on television once awhile ago so I should know, right? Bush still seems to come off like a bimbo. Maybe a violent bimbo. Maybe. 
     I don't know what more to say about that truthfully, although I got there even though I started trying to talk about some wanna-be president Rick Santorum from Pennsylvania, who unlike Bush is looking better not worse. Lo, he ascendeth, My Lord. I was supposed to be talking about the Republicans, or about Rick Santorum, here. And I'm talking about Bush being a violent bimbo. And speaking of Bush being a violent man ---- persons have said so. Yet nobody will say so. Yet I said so.
     Starting over then: if you want to speak truthfully about it Bush always looked, walked, and talked awkwardly. The Emperor has no clothes OK? It is definitely true that the man lacked elegance.

     I liked some of the things he said about freedom and democracy. Moving on to Santorum. As I stated, I think that unlike Mr. Bush, Santorum will tend to arc upward, like an enchanted penis! Oh yes! As he gets stronger, and higher, this guy's “inner conservative” will just come out. He will glow. Or shine. I said "shine," didn't I? I think so. Alright, that's my basic idea here. Glad I coughed it out.
     This has very little if anything to do, of course, with Santorum's actual qualities, like those related to the leadership post. He is to be leader of the post-industrial world? Is he actually a good or bad person, a helpful or not-helpingful one? I don't know if he will do anything. But he needs to be strong. Hopefully he will make positive and definitive changes to the world. That is what we need. When Rich Santorum becomes president. It's so stirring!
 As for myself you will see, if you do a little research, that I have actually evaluated each Republican ---- as he, she or it has come sliding down the greased chute of the social delivery service, courtesy the swan, the delivery swan of white (in cain's case black) priviledge. I have shewn the reader each of these Republican candidates of leadership, each released as if by serendipity, or from above, by the Republican swan. This be the white swan of privilege, white privilege basically (although I guess I shouldn't say so because that would leave out poor little Herman Cain? It would be like negative "discrimination"? Against a poor, innocent ordinary business executive, who is guilty only of loving the Pillsbury icon? Named after who? in the Bible? and the CEO of consumer con companies such as B.K. and Pillsbury--which has the Pillsbury dough boy? And he was favored for a while? Does any of this make sense? You know I know the answer to that one; I'm just messin' with ya.)
And, if you want to know what I said about each and every Republican as the delivery swan deposited him within range of my pen, within the firing range of my critical intelligence, always fair, always sober------Well, you’d better go do the research. It's all there. I am not interested in looking up each fascist and linking him or her to his or her respective analyses. But, hey, I think I done covered them all. And always from a responsible point of view. Reading this stuff back isn't what I do for fun. I recall I started with Bachman, or was it Palin, a long time ago. I took the measure of Perry. And before it all was Palin, who now seems like an amateur. Therefore not dangerous? I have precious little time to research my research. I am a busy man. I do, however, recall getting extremely escited about Santorum, who turns me on, and I wrote at least two posts that were maybe about freedom vs. Santorum, or about something like that, as if the very idea of freedom is having a running battle with Humanhood. Maybe Rick my love has a similar conceptual battle going on to what Bush may have had ----- with the very same conceptual aspect of freedom, or the freedom lady. Oh. That's the white swan! She is so beauoootiful! (And not gay at all.) I do recall I wrote quite a bit on some narrow aspect of Santorum. I really have to get back to that one and research it. What's taking me?
He fascinates me; and, quite honestly, I have this desire to see him naked.

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