Monday, March 12, 2012

Middley Ages

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Persons living in the age of Empire, or afterwards, in the age of Middley (“Middle Ages”) or the age of the Monarchies or the Early Modern, or the age of the Republic, or the age of the “Democracy,” if you believe that (ha ha ha), necessarily relate to this HUGE structure. They need to relate to the behemoth.
If you are an Aztec Indian, or an Inca, or whatever it is, you certainly know “who” is behind you. In fact you know who is in front, who is on the side, and who is weighing you down with a crushing weight on your cabezcum. This is your empire or your kingdom or your oppressor or savior or your Christ or whatever you want to call it, and you sacrifice yourself to “him.”
The only persons who every get out of this trap are the anarchists—and they only get out philosophically, musician John Cage has once expressed.

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