Monday, July 16, 2012

Voter Suppression

(now let me point out that when I saw this was my most popular recent posting, at ten readers, I expanded some parts and the ten previous readers therefore are not responsible for the new parts I added)

W.S.J. Jaxon S. Riley   (today)
“The Obama administration sees racial animus and voter-suppression conspiracies in any Republican-led effort to improve ballot integrity...” This sentence clause paints the Obama administration in an unfavorable light, while any (or "any") Republican-led effort involving voter rolls is automatically OK. 
     Republicans definitely do not try to “improve ballot integrity.” That isn't what they do and I no longer believe in the Democrats either.
     Voter suppression comes naturally to what we might call the political class. They are “in politics” as their job. Their career entails these electoral struggles, struggles to win. One part of their career, then, is to win, in each election. They have to win to keep that life going, so, in lifestyle, the Republicans and Democrats are the same creatures, creatures of “politics.”
    They do not want you to register to vote. Well, not necessarily, not if you have a personality. Not necessarily in your case, buddy, not if you make trouble for their persnickety system. (I have no idea what I meant by that.) So let me tell you what they do. Try to register to vote, which is a normal act of democratic culture, but, in doing so, offer them any kind of uniqueness or humanity, or some kind of an irregularity. See what happens. Now, you need to register with the party, Democratic or Republican (I don't think it matters), to get the desired effect. Show that you have a unique personality, that you are capable of questioning things, something like that. Show that you are a unique individual who thinks. Then see the poll workers fail at their job -- their real job --- which is, Um --- letting the people have the power! They are not going to do that, you see. But, yo say, qualified persons have the right to, Um --- vote?  
     They will put barriers in your way. They will actively look for ways to “deal” with you. You can see this. They want to keep at it, the "it" there being their career, not registering "X" person. I guess they have got the "career" going. I guess so. Their career has little to do with whether a pesky individual like you are registers his or her weird ass to vote. Their career does not demand that everyone vote. These are the kinds of people who work for politics.. There are also the volunteers. (Who volunteer to "suppress" for free.)

     What do you think?

     I point out now that am talking about things I have seen, what was done to me by these people. They do not care whether a given individual votes. They have more power over you if you do not vote. Voting officials, in seeking their own prestige or power, act to block persons, to control the activities of others. They have power only when they stop others from voting, not to facilitate that.
     After all, they want to win. It is not about you winning. The voter official wants power. He only gets power when he blocks the power of others, not when he helps others to vote.
    And another theme that comes up here is that I am saying that all they care about is their job. They have no idea what their real job is though, we do not teach them that anymore. The job of any voting official, from lowest to highest then, is the same: to maximize their utility in the economy by increasing their private property, personal power and (they hope) their wealth.
     No one is influencing these people to act as responsible members of a democracy. Tha doesn't even come up. Who would teach them that? Their party?
     Come on. Party workers are transformed by their jobs into natural vote suppressors. They are the worst democratic citizens out there. They are in politics. They want powe. The last thing they want is for people to vote. Of course the "good Germans" are welcome.

     Vote suppression comes perfectly natural to all of them.

(this persnickity post was written on the sixteenth and revised for style on the 19th)


  1. I was so hoping that you would start including some politics in your blog! And, you definitely have personality so that's why I'm reading them.

    Do you have leanings one way or the other on the healthcare issue?

  2. I will tell you, but only when you tell ME something!

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