Friday, July 13, 2012

The Chattering Classes

I don't think anyone really understands conservatives very well. For me, conservatives are the ones in the boonies. They are of low or moderate income, and they do not read so many books. They live in small towns, or rural areas, not the city. Drive to a rural area or a small town, look out your car window and you'll see the ones I mean. They are very nice. They believe silly things; but, then so do you. Only you don't admit it.
     They are mostly white. They see their lives being stolen away by liberals. They do not like that. Why should they? They are the guardians of decency and morals.
     When I say I do not think that anyone understands conservatives very well, I mean that the educated classes or chattering classes simply have no idea what is going on with these kinds of persons, the kind we are now discussing.
     I know, because I have had a bit closer contact with these people. I found them very nice persons. They have their own culture, and, no, I can definitely not explain it to you in a short essay. They don't chatter as much, let's just leave it at that.
     (I am wondering now if I will get readers because of the title of this thing and why is it that anyone reads this thing in general. maybe there are some good reasons. I don't know.)

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