Thursday, July 19, 2012

Michelle 2 Jack

here is something from my email box:
"   Michelle Obama
10:59 AM (2 hours ago)

to me 
Jack -- You've probably heard Barack say ..." 
("...that this election will be a lot closer than the last one --") 

In her N.Y.T. column, Gail Collins also covers this kind of email practice and she covers the case where it comes from Romney, not just (everybody's buddy) "Michelle."
     What is happening here I think is Michelle, Barack, & Co. got very stuck. What happened is they got stuck at the point where they learned how to use email. They learned to use it in an election. They learned that it works. Gee, how effective this is, darlink. But now they are acting really, really dumb along with Romney himself if there is one (a 'self' there).
     They learned how to use this dumb "chummy" thing/approach.  OK, it worked for what's his name -- Howard Dean of Vermont. Then they just got stuck. 
     Now wait, that makes sense. OK the man is supposed to be president, he isn't supposed to be an internet trend-setter. 
     Nevertheless there was that election a while ago; you have to win those things. Right? Well, he got some computer savvy going, then won. Yea. (alternative wording is: "Oh yeah, baby!")
     He wasn't dumb. He vaguely knew there would another election thing be. Later. Coming. Right, so what happened was that after that he got his computer mojo going; he kept directing this web stuff to people. Thanks, but I noticed that you are stupid. 
     Or he seems to be. He does really, really stupid stuff on the web. He does it through an email practice directed at the so-called regular, "staple" guy, who is his pal and no, it DOESN'T work and it's disgusting. And stupid. 
     Enter Romney. Now he comes along, learning his email technique from Obama and Dean, like some great, freaking stupid, elephant type guy who does not know what else to do but follow along the trail of Obama's brilliant web technique. Just like a big Basset hound. 

     OMG. It is NOT possible, not possible the American people are that stupid. I just don't believe that, and so it must be that the elites are out of touch. 
     What Collins is telling me, through her column, (not email), is that Romney is simply following along like those people who get stuck to one another, like in the great old folk story or folk tale, of European origin.

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  1. This makes me wonder if I too am stuck in some way to an old way of doing things that once worked like a charm and now is obsolete and stupid. Connecting effectively with people nowadays is a bit tricky. But then, this email technique thing has me further wondering - is it me that's out of touch or the average American too?