Thursday, July 19, 2012

Things in General Today

We no longer say who we are or what we are doing. Instead, we state which category we belong to. That is like in the military. You state only your name, rank and serial number. If you thought that that was just the military, think again; you were wrong. Now it is the society.
     We no longer touch each other, and feel one another -- except, in the places we are used to.

     The world is different from what was earlier: There is no such thing as an original idea anymore. A generation or two ago, persons expressed original ideas.
     They even became famous for "touching" complete strangers. Now we seem to care about our category.

    I had a conversation (in this context it mean private email conversation) with a person from the "Ricochet" group, the website. I already talked about it. She was nice. She was willing to talk but the main thing that it came down to, in the end, was the idea I had already brought up: I said already that "with an attitude like that," in this society, you will end up parochial or isolated. I think I said this world is about change or something like that --- this is I think what I may have said. <>
     They end up their own isolated group, irrelevant to their SOCIETY. 

     For  this reason you can see that the only thing that is holding the world together these days is trade and capitalism. If the only thing left is trade and capitalism, it is time to learn what these things are.

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