Thursday, July 26, 2012

Do Taxes Slow Down the Economy?

Semantically, the word "tax" means a lowering of efficiency. In other words, when we tax a person, we are taking some of their energy, as when we do a lot of work or exercise, at which time we claim that we are "taxed" or feel "taxed." It also mean things like when you "do your taxes." In April.
     These are the two main definitions of the word according to what the dictionary tells us. We say "I feel taxed," which means tired, or, "I am being taxed" meaning that the state exacts taxes from persons' income.
     Those are the two. Combining them, a tax would mean something that takes from you or slows you down when you are trying to get somewhere or make some money.

     That is why conservatives say that a tax would slow down the economy.

     That sets up the argument. Now, which is correct? Are taxes good or bad? There are multiple sides to everything.  The system that causes so much suffering in the world, and that is destroying the planet, is called "capitalism." At the same time, capitalism is the most successful thing in the world.

     The question: Do taxes slow down economy, as the conservatives say, or are they good because the government needs those taxes?

     Second question: Do Texans slow down the economy?

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