Saturday, July 21, 2012

My Creative Post About Not Being So Creative

You think according to how your culture wants you to think. Culture is a 'box' persons are in.  Everyone thinks "inside the box." They very rarely think outside of it.

"Step outside the box" "Criticize your culture" Oh yeah, baby. It's just rhetoric, baby.
These are profound sentiments, but harder to do than it is to say, and even when we say "outside the box," it doesn't mean much. We are  trapped in our culture, our box --- like, hmmmmm (let's find a nice one here guys) Um---ants in a glass ant display?

It is much harder to talk about "creativity" than to be creative.


  1. Probably that last sentence is wrong but that is the way I wrote it and I did not notice the dylexic ass-basckwardsness of it for two days so let's just leave it like it is. OK?

  2. What makes something "hard"?
    What makes something "easy"?
    I think maybe that Claude Levi-Strauss was wrong and instead of saying "The Raw and the Cooked" he should have said "The Easy and the Hard."

  3. OK look. If you ARE creative, it is easier to be creative (since you are) than to try to talk about it like I just tried to in this post of mine. If you AREN'T creative it is easier to talk about it.