Friday, July 20, 2012

For Barbara E. (Dark City)

There was a voice. It intoned: "There are a thousand stories in the Naked City." All of the stories apparently ended, though, when this dismal, dark show left the air.
    Although "Naked City" has been off the air for some time now it was a regular feature in reruns when I was living with my parents. Which was awhile ago. I am confident it was also a poor T. V. show. Why? Because I only remember the standard opening and if the thing was good, I figure I would remember an entire example of it from start to finish.
    Now that we have Ehrenreich's "Bright-Sided" perhaps we can better appreciate the show which had a  "dark" quality to it, and so, it demonstrates a dark, not a bright, approach to life city life. I would question why we do not see anything like "Naked City" any more. The show was about the dark side, as opposed to the bright side. Robert Bly talks a lot (the "little book of the shadow") about this as do any number of others. Now, you have as much right to look the dark side as she the capacity, power, or privilege (opportunity) to drive her merry little snow-sled into a bank of white peach fuzz (transl. people have as much right to look at the dark side as the bright side). 
    I would prefer it better if the dark side was a little easier to access (other than PORNO and violence, for example in movies), because, today, we are getting one-sided. 
    The dark side should be shown a little more than it is, it seems to me, but is that even natural? The dark side is not illuminated so it is harder to see. Yes, obviously it is. So I ask again why we exclude it. Is it automatically excluded, as an outcome of being harder to see? No, there's more to it. Then we wouldn't need to exclude it. It wouldn't be there anyway. Maybe, Barbara, we are not bright-sided - but one-sided.

Here us one thing that may flesh things out a little more, from conservative ricochet
Here, the blogger, who appears to be a professional writer, says, of Batman, that the art had more reality for him: "the darkened alleys of that crime-ridden city felt true..." Superman is, it seems, too "bright"? Batman "darker." Huh?

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  1. I can see you because of light
    Also I see you because of darkness. If
    there were no darkness I could not see
    It is because of darkness that I can see you
    Otherwise you would be transparent