Friday, July 27, 2012

CNN Deletes You, You Don't Delete It

How many persons who write for the CNN blog have integrity? Only a few persons who write have integrity, so I doubt very much if I believe in the CNN blog. Mainstream media is no place where integrity hangs its hat. Integrity certainly gets no boost merely from an association with media. It's laughable,and we know better than that.
     We have an open society. That's true. We have an open society, and a society associated with
"freedom." Not all societies are like that. The capitalist ones are. In the countries that developed during the industrial and capitalistic revolution we get this, so bully for us. And the tradition got pretty well established. I too exist within this basic social milieu or environment, because it's social. Within that, I am basically 'encouraged', maybe even 'supposed to', as a citizen, add my "comment" onto a previously-badly written story by the one Alan Sloan, a regular columnist at CNN. His background. He used to be with "Newsweek" -- so, he's a professional. I suppose, and now hacking ('hacking' - get it? Like "hack writer"?) [pause for twiddling of thumbs] and coughing up spitum or spitunias [I made this up] for CNN ---- a public opinion-maker. If you want to call it that. Or maybe we know better...
     Most people don't have a clue about what to think. So they rely on persons like him. (Unless they know better) The idea is that it is for all of us in the society to see and respond to in some fashion.
     So far, so good. Let us count our blessings. We have got publishing; We have got a free speech society; Freedom has been established [insert trumpet flourish] -- Somehow [insert Louis Armstrong jazz version]. I think it was established through the history of industrialization and capitalism, or you might say it was by people in three-cornered hats, if you like the idealist version. But, also, CNN has "standards." Now wait one cotton pickin' second here. Actually, I meant "standards" in a sarcastic way. Maybe you did not pick that one up.
     I am too subtle and nuanced I guess. I am struggling to express something here, which is that since all they have to do is have control, that sort of cancels everything out. And I wonder what kind of monkey sits there, in a booth at CNN reviewing reader "comments," according to a "policy" sheet. I would like to hear the confessional: "I was a censor, at CNN h.q." So the point is this is not really "freedom." One flip of a tiny toggle switch -- free speech deleted. Your little fantasy is of commenting on CNN's coverage is over.

     Oh give me a break. Don't comment on CNN blog. All you are doing is buying into it. That is not the free speech society. That is it's cancellation. So, what we have to see is that there are just as many persons who want to cancel that way of life as protect that way of life --- the free speech way of life or open society. Being in the media world, or the business world (where this writer hangs out: in the section that financial and business entity/corporation CNN cleverly calls "MONEY") does not in any way enhance the presence or strength of free speech. Every time you get free speech you also get it's violation. There is no real strength for freedom of speech -- it is just kind of a coincidence.
     And every time they tell you that they will give you the opportunity to speak, their hand is on the controls.
     The hell of it is: They can "delete" at will.   

(See "Comment" for "Business Morality," trending towards the end of yesterday's postings)

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