Sunday, July 15, 2012

Openess As Such (pt. 2)

In what way is the world developing? It is becoming more open. As the world becomes more open, all conservatives have is "their side." Look at this from "Ricochet," a conservative website that limits itself to conservatives. It is not a bad read, by the way. If you want some well-stated conservative type arguments, which I find nice to read sometimes, it is good. This website is for the more educated conservatives, who, t hey point out, are a minority in big liberal cities, or for example colleges and college towns. They have this to say:

...---------Welcome to Ricochet!
To participate fully in the conversations and collaborate with others, we have to know that you're on the same basic side as the rest of us. And the best way for us to do that is to charge...--------...

With that kind of attitude, in the end, all you are going to have is "your side," whatever that is. As the world becomes more open, you are going to end up being "parochial." And I think that word implies something like "local," or irrelevant, to the greater world.

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