Tuesday, July 24, 2012

They Smoke Cigars / They Drive Big Cars

In almost every case, when you investigate a conservative their logic falls apart. They all belong to the same small clique. They have all been instructed in professional writers' techniques. There is a context problem, a lack of connection to the real world.  They smoke cigars. 
    The conservative writers in this small clique are clay tigers and paper pigeons. The center cannot hold. They're full of shit. Now this guy wrote a good article    -well, I mean, he had me going, didn't he?     -so it must be a good article      -so, then I looked at his entire presence on all his web links, his Twitter feed, and his main news website, in an effort to get the spread out version. In other words, I looked at all the links to the man in order to sort of splay him out, to spread him out, to get the spread, to see the way he was presented, in the context of the web. 
    And you know I just don't believe it. Something is making me suspicious here. My instincts are usually good about these things.
        This individual's Batman article is great ... but it just doesn't cohere with the rest of it.
        It's phony. They all are. Now that's kind of a mean thing to say, and that is my mean side, to be sure but more important than whether I am the only mean, nasty man in the world or not there is a reason for saying these things about the conservatives and their activities.

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