Sunday, July 8, 2012

How Do the Members of Trading Systems Think?

There are solutions to economic problems but it does not seem that help is going to come from any of the usual sources. It takes creative thinking. 
How do members of trading systems think? Members of economic systems have been trained. They have been trained to think individualistically. A. Merkel of Germany is doing this. This is the simple reflex of: “I will protect my own.” 
     However since we live in an interconnected global system, what each person does affects the other. You cannot think only of yourself. 
     Not only is thinking about oneself alone not the only way to think, in fact that is not how the system works. It works based on mutual interdependence. 
     Systems work that way. All systems do. 
     If one person is generous, everyone has to be (it is the same for selfishness, isn't it?)  There is such a thing as capitalist generosity.

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