Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Brains May Differe, and So May Persons

Brains may differ. There may be "left brain" and "right brain" types, or various types of person. That's possible; certainly, there are in general various "personality types" or what have you.
     It is possible for at least some of us to see things, to some degree of accuracy, without verbalizing them. Not everything is put into verbal label systems. I am like this. I see all kinds of things, without any verbality coming into it at all. Urban streets and doctors' offices and public spaces --- they all have their various patterns that register. There are no theories at all, at least not yet.
     I migh be getting there, but it just hasn't happened yet.

     (Here is something I just happened to see after writing that: "[p]erhaps the very idea of everydayness, of man "having" a world is rooted in these writings.") He means the writings of the Greeks, their "oikonomia." This is the thing he refers to, as "these writings." That is Till Duppe, who has a book out now on what is called "economics," which is to say in the university. I am interested in this one. I might discuss it more later, if you are good and keep reading me bloggie thing!

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