Sunday, July 15, 2012

Openness As Such

I am thinking today about the idea of total openness. Look at what liberals talk about and you see that they are in favor of total openness. The conservatives usually admit some limits or admit that they do have preferences. Speaking of preferences, it occurs to me that a liberal would probably not admit to having any.

I agree that total openness is best. Total openness however is not a political platform, or a particular argument - it is just openness - i.e. to all of the arguments.

So, if a liberal, or if liberals --- present themselves as being merely open-minded, what does that mean? We still need to see how they act in some particular political context. It is is phony.

Now, as a theorist in economics I am capable of extending this discussion to the realm of economics and talking about the history of capitalistic society and of being open, ambiguous, fuzzy, and of human social relations under capitalism. I have many original ideas here, and you should inquire about this and ask me about it, and I will tell you. (

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