Thursday, May 31, 2012

What Merle Sang

"I wear my own kind of hat," Merle H. sang. So often persons engage in their activities as members of a particular group. Or, they get married, which is for some reason the cause for a celebration, like New Year's. Is it really so great to be part of the group? Let's say you go out with someone. You need to decide on the wine. How would it be that you both want the same type of wine at the same moment? How can two persons ever have, at each moment, the exact same urges and desires? That is exactly as likely as a monkey painting the Mona Lisa.
     That well-know bit about the monkey painting the Mona Lisa is a cute one. The idea for cans and ribbons on the car of the newlyweds is a cute one. So is tooting horns awash in confetti at the New Year's Eve party. They're all great ideas. Haggard's song title is cute, too. But he is an artist, and he has more of a right to be cute. He must have had a real reason for that bit about the hat.
      And as for whether each person is fundamentally estranged from the other, I think that's one for the Ages.

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