Friday, June 1, 2012

the Commercials

What is commerce? Who are the commercials?

The persons that live under the rule of commerce are they. I point to those persons that live in our commercial society. None other.
     It does not matter if they do not make any money at all, and it does not even matter whether they steal money or earn it. Furthermore, it does not matter whether they are labour or "capital," as they used say.  
     The commercials are just the people of a capitalistic society! What do "capitalists" do? Spenders spend, sellers sell. More precisely, sellers put up wares to be sold, usually by lining them up on shelves. Both the sellers and the buyers are persons --- living in the capitalistic system.
     The intricate mechanism by which goods are produced, put up for sale, and re-sold yet again is a mechanism of the society. It is not a mechanism of either the producer nor the consumer. Rather it is a "market" mechanism, and that means a mechanism of the society.
     And if you are still waiting for a society to be divided into a "bourgeoise" and a "proletariat," I suggest you stop reading, now.
     Commerce does not exist without persons. And in capitalism, it is not restricted to a class. To give an illustration, It is clear that some of the big fortunes our our time have depended upon not upon elites but just on ordinary persons who purchased appliances, newspapers, food, etc. And when they do that, they becomes the commercials.
     We are the commercials.

     However, we have to take into account another consideration, which is the order of society. But that, as Paul Harvey used to say, is for "page two."

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