Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Business and Method, Revisited Again

This is sort of a "revisit" to a recent post of mine. French, "redeux."

Books about business, such as memoir: these exist. There are as well a lot of films -- old ones -- depicting the goings on of the business people.
    What are these persons doing? What lifestyles do they lead? What kinds of intereactions do they have with one another?
    I do not think I have ever seen a good discussion of what this kind of human activity consists of. What is business behavior?
    It is not war; it is not peace. Is it social behavior? It must be. But in that case what kind of social behavior is it?
    I feel I am not getting any kind of picture/story. I think it is a method. I do not think they are intirely anti-social. I think they are having a kind of intercourse.. Not sexual -- but there is a kind of social play going on.

(I think Kristeva definitely needs to see this one. Julia.)


for more background see also the next posting that is attached to the first posting:

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