Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Free Speech and the Companies

(note: rewritten June 26)
Robert Reich says:  “In the upside-down world of regressive Republicanism, McConnell thinks proposed legislation requiring companies to disclose their campaign spending would stifle their free speech.” 
     This appears to be a misuse of the concept, that of “free speech.” Then Reich quotes McConnell again.  McConnell fears “…harassment and intimidation" from the Democrats. 
     Well, this actually makes sense. This is part of life. It is precisely “harassment and intimidation” that people do worry about, because people do that to one another. In that sense, McConnell is just showing publicly what he fears. It is kind of honest of him.
     Harassment and intimidation can be used against anyone (And, probably, most Republicans would know it.) It is always a possibility. And the average American is afraid of or cautious about doing anything untoward or that might single him out.
     You had better believe it -- all members of any society are in fact fine-tuned about their own acceptability socially. McConnell may be bonkers, which is a word Reich used in that article, but he is straightforward, so, he was able to give voice to this universal human consideration. 
     And so, I agree, about the possibility of harrassment and intimidation. It is there. It is always something to think about. Really. Persons do this. Believe me, they do.
     The only thing I question about it is the implication I get that maybe he is actually so simple-minded or so  self-centered, and ignorant, that he notices only when his people, the Republican Senators, and Congresspersons need to worry --- about "harassment and intimidation."

     Yep. Reich is right. McConell is “simply bonkers” but that is the reason.

           (Here is the original context that I used, in order to assert that McConell is bonkers: “Senator Mitch McConnell's speech Friday at the American Enterprise Institute in Washington is simply bonkers.”) 

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