Friday, June 22, 2012

Jellyfish have taken over

On ads, and through various other media, all of the posts and positions that control public expression have come under the control of a certain type of person or of a certain type of mentality. This type person now controls all the posts and positions that have influence over ideas. Maybe brain type is even involved, so that all information flows are now to controlled by a certain type of left brain person. One type of person seem to control everything. Very scary.

    There is an exhibit, supposedly being "held over" at the Shedd Aquarium, is about the "jellies." So what the f**k are f**king "jellies," may I ask. Jellyfish, maybe? But it has got to be called "jellies."  Oh, how stylish.
    You can see this ad all over the place. It is at bus stops, for example. The ad is concerned solely with the exotic "egg yolk" jelly although we are not given any information as to whether it is perhaps just a made-up name. Is it really called "egg yolk" or is that just something somebody made up.

    A special kind of high-tech digital photography is used to show in detail a "jellyfish" which is what it used to be called before it was simplified. Indeed it does look like that, like an egg with yolka raw egg: a yellow center, and the rest including the tentacles is translucent and clear colored. Who creates ads like that? The average person? What kind of tiny minority of the population would think this way and create this kind of information?

    We know very well there are other people. We know very well these are not the only kind of persons.

    My point is that the whole society has been taken over by a specific kind of person. The problem is that the pivotal power points of the society all have been taken over by a specific kind of person: your local police department, the global business unites, or corporations, the administrative functions of all these institutions like hospitals and universities, etc. If you are the right kind of person, and not of too low intelligence, you can just come right in and take one of these posts.

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  1. Oh Crap! I had no idea that it is actually true.
    Just search the post's official title