Friday, June 22, 2012


Here in the city everyone lives stacked up next to one another.

I am moving into such a building in ten days. I will be on the 23rd floor. They want a $100.00 fee, just to move in. Their book of rules and regulations is full of awkward things like that. The owners’ association, I mean. They seem to be made up of uncreative types. These are the kind of uptight persons I usually avoid, but I will be right up with ‘em and next to them, from now on. That could be a good thing, as I figure it. Maybe my entire life has been leading up to this.
    I never do things like this on purpose as if I am trying to prove something, or trying to be different. It happens in a much more innocent manner. I really am different. It is not some kind of fashion thing, you know? This particular situation now arises due to my having wanted to move, and having answered a  note that I saw, posted in the nearby supermarket. He is the owner. This is the guy who put up the note and I shall be leasing (or renting) from him. He is a normal person the building’s managers are a different story. They appear to be some kind of straights or else Neanderthals, clinging to their precious 28-story skyscraper, the only uncreative thing they are capable of having or owning. Notice that the word I used above was "uncreative." That is my impression that they just have something. They have, they don't create. They possess. They cling.
    I hope they have room for a cool person, though, as I have spent my life hanging around the poor, the dropouts, the minorities. In so doing, I have tended to write off the rich as nobodies, in nice cars. I hope that was funny; it was intended to be. I usually tend to default to humor. My idea of a good time is picking a nice object out of a trash can.  Thanks, dad, for being such a success in the fur industry so I can squander your money in this way.
    Now, I am going to have to stop hiding from people, though.  

    As for the objects. I usually take them home with me and sleep with them for awhile. Then I just throw them out, or else integrate them structurally into my unit.

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