Monday, June 18, 2012

Rodney King Memorial

In the country of Greece the prospect of gainful employment for radical leftists weakened Sunday.

It is curious. In Europe, people still think in terms of left-right. I think I saw the name “center-left coalition.” Somewhere. In US/America a party with a name like “center-left coalition” would never get off the ground. Something like “Tommy James and the Shondells” might do alright, but not “party of the left” or “radical left coalition” or anything like that.
     I am depending on the newspapers, you know, but you cannot trust the papers, as they are owned by a very few rich elites.
     My cursory Americano-laced survey of the papers in the rack this morning revealed that the winning party (New Democracy) got only 30% of the vote. Greece is fragmented just like the U.S.
    There are a hundred different versions of reality nowadays. All equally unattractive. Or four, anyway. If you include what the paper calls the extreme right “Golden Dawn” party (the one where the "good" half the Greek people kill the other half) you have four parties that account for about 90% of that vote. Golden Dawn got 18 seats, which is disturbing enough. As for the last remainder, it has a little Tea Party mixed in. And, possibly a half-dozen readers of the Weekly Standard. 
     (What is so “standard” about them, anyways?) Syriza, my favorite party as of yesterday, in the column (oops: postingness) I penned, got 27%. So, it is really 30% vs. 27%, in a field of four. Why can’t we all just get along?

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