Saturday, May 19, 2012

Occupy + Free = This My Comment

According to the press in Chicago (a smaller-sized paper put out by one of the biggies, maybe the Sun-Times or else the other of the two papers), within an article on "occupy," in a "Timeline," this.

Jan. 2 ...  "Occupy Chicago approves a statement..." 
The aim of "Occupy" is, it says in the paper, to end "corruption and corporate influence in government." (Secondary source quote linked to the "Occupy" statement that the newspaper says was approved on JAN. 02.  (Thursday, May 10, p. 7)

And NOW a few comments, because you could argue that this is a free trade stance trying to separate business and government.  Although it is a decentralized organization, it seems to be a quote from some of the "Occupy" participants. Here's how I see it: (in terms of that short quote, which seems to be from some source linked to "Occupy.")

1) that is a free trade stance

2) this is so because it says: Keep the corporations clear from the government

3) A free trade type of stance sees various individual trade actors,. Presumably corporations would be also seen as trade actors. So, these "actors" are seen as the basic entities involved and the trading parties or actors, free trade theories state, should not be "corrupted," if you will, by illicity connections to other  groups such as, mainly, the government

Conclusion: Occupy's position as laid out in the quotation in the newspaper on Thursday, May 10th is a "free trade" position.

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