Thursday, May 17, 2012

Th Good Old Ways

(updated and caused to read rather more better on June 12, 2012 A.D.)

We stick with the "good old way." The good old way is best, that's what we say. Instead, maybe the option is change.

In this context, that means "modernize." We should stop saying that "the good old way" -- which by the way happens to be unfair -- is best. We should stop thinking that way, as it doesn't lead to anything useful.
     It is not really "the good old way." It is a new version. This week's version of "the good old ways"?
     "The good old standard." The gold leaves on the Oak tree. You don't want to hear that they turn color? that they changed? Even a stick-in-the-mud conservative knows that seasons change.
     Inflexible modernity is change disguised as rigidity or conservatism -- fascism.
     Or -- painted in gold leaf. That would be only a change on the outside, for ornamentation purposes. Add a little gillitter to the exterior --- blind everyone. Some things don't change; some things do. "Turn, turn, turn." One of the best folksongs this fascist society ever stood still for (is that a "radical" song, Mommy?).

     Our (lives) life (are) is packaged into various forms. It's practical. We try to select a form that makes sense to us. Everyone does this. As Foucault explained this, the people (in French-like language, "the peuple" who get "governed") often express their will by saying (to their masters) "we want this kind of control (governmentality) rather than that kind. I think what he is saying is the flexibility, or hope in life, or something, lies in the fact that t he people try to mold the situation. SOPA did not pass. Something is happening as regards gays-----Richie Valens got all the white persons to dance to a Spanish rock song. A "barrier" disappeared. I once read about Louis Armstrong that his trumpet vibrato has even influenced most symphony trumpet players (even though "trumpeting while black"). People adapt. They try to control the conditions of that adaptation.
     Things stay the same. Things change. Writing styles change, for goodness sake. Everything changes.

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