Monday, May 21, 2012

Stars Need Customers

Everybody is not so important----they don't have to be a superstar. You don't have to be a star.

We tend to emphasize singularity and uniqueness. We often seek to "valorize" individuals. Otherwise we cannot "value" a person or product unless that product has this tinge that characterizes it as being unique or special, making it proprietary to us.
     Everything has to be special, then. That's the way we only value the stars of society, but I think this to be a problem. To be a star, and outshine everyone, does not entail your detracting (an alternative word here is deducting) from them. Or canceling them out. Or saying they do not matter because they are not stars. It's to the contrary because you want them to be your customer, and -- therefore -- the "regular guys" have a certain kind of value.
     Those persons aren't really on the map today. All the stars seem to do is look for other trending stars.
     Capitalism is, I think, a kind of society. Instead of capitalism being like a society, it (capitalism or society) has degenerated into something more like a (you guessed it) star system.

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