Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Today's Big Idea: Rethinking the Workplace


I don't have any article for you here, not outside of the big words at the top of the homepage, that of the bigthink.com. folks, as above. I saw a short talk at their site, though. That was good. It was by someone named David Brooks, whom I know wrote "Bohos in Bohemia." I would recommend this, a simple enough discussion on things like "clouds" and "clocks."

     As for the big words above I see that kind of talk a lot. It is a common thing to see that, or things like that.I'll give my take on it now.

     We do not really need to find a new job. We are in the "workplace." We have capitalism, that's our system. But this system we have arrived at does not really need to make any more things. It's just that it needs to clean up the environment, go green. Otherwise, we have enough freaking stuff already. Don't we?         

We don't really need to earn more money. We have enough. There is enough money, trillions and trillions of it. Money is an abstraction. There is no "it," yet it/money just swishes around the world, that's "churn." I think it is called "churn." For Ex. Who is "ex"? Is there something else there? 

     Does we need more hedge traders and Goldman Sachs people? It does not need to get smaller, it does not need to get bigger, but now we've arrived so we don't need a new job but we need to rearrange the furniture or "re-think the workplace." I love it: we need to ethink or rethink. And we do want to move the furniture, don't we?

People find themselves in these jobs they have, and that is life; that is their life. They do not necessarily want to move to the country anymore. That seems to be over. They are have at their jobs now. They are not looking to "get away from the rat-race" anymore. All that is over. We just need to "rethink the workplace." They just want to stay where they are, next to the garbage can, and eat the discarded pizza while I try to sleep. They can do that--they can stay where they are. But they want to "rethink."

(note: I am startled. This came out all caps. Now what? All can say is that - hello - this thing will probably come down soon) (or get edited, which is what I just did, June 12th. I guess I rearranged my workplace.) (Except it still comes out in small letters when composing it and caps when publishing it.) 


Other than the title of the article on bigthink and the Brooks video, I didn't really investigate this site too much. I am fully innocent of knowing anything about "bigthink," a.k.a. "smallthink," Ha ha. I so funny t-day.

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