Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Influence Peddlers, bloggers, and other artists.

Looking closely at something—and analyzing it—this is one method of inquiry. But there are others. Letting impressions wash over one would be a second method. 
    This would constitute a second method. I can think of a third, too. Let it all come down to how one feels, which would mean to be purely personal and subjective. We shall focus on the second method of inquiry, letting impressions wash over one.
    A public relations manager, or a marketer, would be a person who lets impressions come—in this case collecting up all the impressions one receives about how to spend money, or how "we spend our money." There are persons like that. Very commercial persons. I do not know how many, but I seem to feel them a lot, maybe because of the kind of things they do. Always trying to sell me things. Yuck. Why won't they go away? But anyway, they are out there, and that is what he (or she) looks at, or inquires into, or lets wash over his consciousness. This person in marketing or p.r. is receiving impressions generated by the greater outside world of economics, impressions about how persons who are enjoying a bit of excess income tend to spend it—how do they make preferences? How do they make their choices. This kind of person is interested in the inquiry only so that maybe a little of that money will turn towards him. He wants to bend that ongoing stream, to use that stream to his, personal, advantage. So when this type of person looks out at the world—when he or she observes the human or social world around him or her—it is only to redirect a little of this cash flow. We know what these types are called. They are like the "influence peddler," the lobbyist. 
     This type of things is not at all new. Not in the history of the West. It has been around since the Age of Romans.  
     Western persons always seem to use marketing and publicity systems in their societies.

As a marketer, then, he is interested in the spending decisions of others, solely to turn their spending into his own. (So what!? Well, I don't know. Maybe I'll add something tomorrow.) (I did: I updated this on June 12th)

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