Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Big Investigation

Revisited the "bigthink" site.

"  China, with its authoritarian efficiency; India, with its democratic vibrancy.  "

Give me a break. Except for the Brooks video, all I saw on this website was dumb stuff although I am not really interested anyway.... (p.s. that is pretty much how Brooks seems to function: sort of hangs out on the conservative, i.e. stupid end of the spectrum. That seems to make some sense. I might try researching what people say about him on the web. That might be a project...)


Part Two:
The investigation goes on. I just visited "bigthink." It may be run by Richard Branson. Anyways, everything seems very much "on line" in the sense of working everything out on the page, cerebrally, rather than feeling it first or working it out deeply. So, this approach is, indeed, very mental or cerebral. Not asking "who we are" as much as "what do we look like on a screen"

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