Thursday, May 3, 2012

In My Life...

In my life I have chanced upon some pretty darn unique insights that occurred in the field of "economics." I do not know exactly what "economics" means as a term. But so what. That would be my area. The term describes a field of enquiry, I think. It is a field of enquiry. That is the field in which my insights occur, and, occurred.

     Basically, I had the idea that you could give away things.

     This idea gains traction as we ponder what Google and Hotmail do. They do give away free email.
     And so, the third-Worldish persons should get free food.That's close to the original idea that I had that made me become an economist. There were then more ideas, after that.
     Members of the economic network (not scholars but rather the world population) are in a social group. So, it is normal and proper that they get the appropriate "services." Those services are free to the members of that network, it is a property of the network. They do not have to pay for that, it comes with the society. This can change some of our ideas that we have about economics.
     It turns out, when you look at things this way, that capitalism is a network, and a social system. That should shock you, I suppose so.

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