Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Chicago Gets The Bad Out - Sighs In Relief

The evil bad protestors have been defeated. Consequently, the press then hallucinates, collectively. Now a proper solid account is manifesting, emerging. Account re: social dissent situation. Now we know how history is made.
     I tracked the protest strictly through media. I did not see any part in real life. I really did not feel that interested, but, when I did see some coverage, of the protesting part of it (not the Black Bloc), it looked good, and I felt the value of protest. That is what nobody in the mainstream wanted to acknowledge. We shouldn't have to drag that out of them. They should get it. Following the events this way, what I saw was that the Sun-Times, one of our two major news organisations, tended to make up various snappy phrases, acknowledging that something is happening here (Mr. Jones!!!) Some newsy-type items, OK ----- while as for their so-called "competitors," the esteemed Chicago Tribune ----- true to form, they just pretended it didn't happen,  which is one way of dealing with it, I guess. I could include the "Red Eye" version, but that would take up more space, and they are owned by the Tribune company anyway, so that kind of makes it redundant, doesn't it? (What are they? They are, in fact, the supposed "alternative" --- to their own "mainstream." You can't make this stuff up. ... that is "market"? - good material for an economics post)
      I didn't really take that much interest in it, but as NATO winds up, down, heads out of town, or whatever it is, and I really did not take that much interest because I don't know what NATO does but I think it's a military thing --- what I am picking up now is about the protest part and the press/establishment vibe.

     Things are really great in Chicago; the city is once again honorable and at peace.
     The police performed well and get laminated.
     Everybody go back to sleep.

     (I wonder, if possible, could it be that Emmanuel actually created all those protesters?)

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