Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Chomsky Off Target?

"The Occupy movement spontaneously created something that doesn't really exist in the country: communities of mutual support, cooperation, open spaces for discussion ... just people doing things and helping each other," Chomsky says. "That's very much missing. There is a massive propaganda - it's been going on for a century, but picking up enormously - that you really shouldn't care about anyone else


Saying that "people just doing things and helping each other" does not exist at present seems imprecise to me. If so, is there then this "massive propaganda structure"? -and, is that the thing that is to be blamed? -for everyone who has difficulty connecting? His reasoning implies to me that there is some "thing" that is responsible for the lack of support, cooperation, and openness. Is there a "thing" of some kind? Something, at any rate, is definitely stopping us from relating to and helping one another.

Well, that is a good starting place for discussion, anyway. What keeps it like that? Just what keeps us all from being regular and helping each other? It is a perfectly reasonable question. Another approach that I have used for going at this same question, is to ask: is this a problem? Is it a problem at all, that I do not know the folks in the downstairs apartment, because they always keep to themselves? Should life really work that way? Is it quite OK? To be cut off from everyone in this fashion? Of course not.
     I give you my unequivocal answer, which is: NO. I am not sure about the rest of Chomsky's quoted words, however and cannot agree that some "force" is "out there." He did not use either of those words, but that is what comes to mind. If there is a "thing" out there, do we know what it is? It is beating people over the heads. But is "it" even there? In any easily identifiable way? What is he saying? That it is 'THE MAN'?
     We may ask whether there is propaganda in the world that many persons actually fall for, and also propaganda that is stupid, and clueless, and the fault of the ruling class? There is this clueless garbage from the elite money-grubbers in our society, yep.
     "It" tells you "that you really shouldn't care about anyone else." Wait. Why "really" ? What does the "really" really mean? Why is that there? Is it really true? When is something "really" true? Here is another sentence, OK? What does this mean?  ...You do not really have to not care -- you could have, but it would have been hard, but you did not care only up until project 'Occupy,' a.k.a. your/the movement, came. Cheers for Occupy! 'Occupy' frees you. That is the thing that frees you all up. Right? R U better now? All better?
     I don't know, I think maybe it reads two ways, but beyond forever parsing my brilliant post here, I can share with all the fuzzy touchy-feelie sensitive types something: I want to share that I am actually disappointed with the last two things I have seen (on my electronic antennae communication device/system) concerning Noam. It seems wrong. The man had a good run, a VERY GOOD one indeed!!! So three cheers for him, even though he finally went, Um----sour.

Hey. More. The dude now needs to basically (trying to remove my vernacular now) shut up about shit and get back to the people and just hang ---- maybe with a different crowd, too, dude!

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