Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Everybody Do What They Want ----

Let everybody do what they want ----

Capitalism is a system that allows individuals to freely enter into a certain stream of human behavior or interaction. It allows ease of entry into that system, and this is the system of so-called "business." The policy of relaxing certain class constrictions, hence of letting those persons in, was the idea of our founding fathers. Since that time, the workability of the system has been demonstrated ----- at least so far ---- we can't say what the future will bring.
     No one knew for sure that this would be so. In the original event, their sentiment may have been something like, "why not let people do it?" Since we are saying that all men are free and so forth?
     The idea of, except for Mr. Hamilton, some very idealistic fathers was to relax these class constrictions. They had the idea to relax the constrictions on persons and create a government that was, as we like to say, "by, for, and of" ...who? ...the persons in the society, the society itself. Everybody knew that this was called democracy, there was no need to say it in the Constitution.
     The word is not found there, but, and D'Toqueville later affirmed it in his book, it was Democracy. As soon as democracy was introduced, and as soon as early America, which is something that you can still see vestiges of, if you take a road trip east, was established, there was the inevitable reaction. The "reaction." Now, the only thing that kept democracy from being lost entirely was -- this is my original idea -- capitalism.

     This is -- of course -- why a study of economics is so important. Because, democracy or any such thing did not come from ideals. Or three-cornered hats, I like to say.

    There are a few more things to say now. But it takes time. Well, maybe tomorrow!

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