Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thursday, March 10

I have to transfer my IU activities on-line now, since I have been timed and moneyed out of the college course I was engaged in up until this morning anyways.

Shari Ben-Youfsky is a nice person. She has been the on-line teacher in the English Comp thing I am taking ---- It's called "distance education" where I had been taking a writing course, on-line.

I make name into cartoon. He-he-he. She said I'd better be more careful, in my emails, because people might "worry."

I think the virtue of capitalism is that it can be fair. It is not always fair, but just that it can be.

They are trying to run the "distance" education programsky at IU on a sort of privatisation/business model. Now this sort of thing has been going on for a while: in the society generally we can see that the business or monetary of capitalistic way of doing things does seem to be all that works. But trying to apply a profit motive kind system or a business model to everything in life doesn't seem to make any sense, and there are other persons too who understand this totally. But the business model is all we have. Sociallism didn't work. Liberal ideas are always under constant attack, e.g. from the Tea parties. To apply the philosophy of profit and business methods to something like a hospital or a university just does not seem to make any sense, to anyone who really thinks it through (about one half of one percent of the population) but, on the other hand, it is all we have.

"... it might be wise for you to be more careful because many other instructors might worry."

When these persons send letters they address it to my initial. I signed my email "J. Silverman" and the office of the school of continuing studies, IU, addresses me "Dear J." Heads up out there. These persons want everything impersonal. Yeah. I thought so. So the teacher gives little tiny comments on your lessons. That is all. They do not want to get too close to you. No, they hate that.


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