Monday, March 7, 2011

T. V. Ideology, Monday, March 07, 2011

The T. V. is full of ideology; and at the point when I have had enough? -- I usually turn it off

Guiding ideologies, cultural tropes and the like: these can be formal or informal. What I mean, to say, here, is that the ruling ideology is not necessarily stated directly. It is possible for there to be a very specific ideology present even if never articulated formally. This is what advertising is. Isn't it? There is really a very narrow ideological range of what we are allowed to say and think, or what we are allowed to say and think in public: in public or on mainstream T. V.; or in the halls of Congress. If T. V. started telling the truth the shit would hit the fan - and that ain't gonna happen.

Now I am a person who has my very own, very different, and contrasting views on that which is encompassed by the subject of economics. I know this: telling the truth about capitalism is not so easy.

So, let's try inarticulate T. V. advertising then. That is what our culture reverts to, get it? OK. Everybody say "yes" together. Of course. No one heard.

One more t hing to say is that in fact, in not telling the truth, the culture substitutes a replacement ideology. That's what you get on the T. V. (notice Rachel Maddow. the perhaps best thing currently tolerated by our society on T. V. never watches T. V. I read that, in a magazine, Vanity Fair.)

There isn't any truth. You have to understand that what you see on the television is crap, then swim past it.

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