Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thursday, (3)

One of dem poet guys wrote of Chicago: "The fog crept in / on little cats feet."

I am there now. I don't see any fog. But people have many attitudes in Chicago here, I say. I say. I saw. I say I saw. I say old chap; I saw a white-collar professional type handling his Nook or Kindle, which is to say his e-reader, at the same time as he tried to put on his glasses.
This seems difficult for white-collar geniuses. As I am near-sighted myself, I may be missing something, but the impression that I received incorrectly of not was that this dude also prob'ly cain not walk and chew gum at the same time: although he'd sign off at the drop of hat on the torture of some kind of third-World peasants, or run a think-tank or something. I don't know if he's a genius or not, but he can write the King's English, no doubt. What else is up? I don't know what else, but I do know, because I saw, that he had to deal with his Kindle and his glasses. At the same time.

..---...---...---===...--+IMPRESIONS OF CHICAGO

White collar "bums" totally useless

Can't walk and chew gum

Has good job. A real good, upstanding citizen

Mostly knows .......... ---- ..... ++++ ..... WORDS

(reads Amazon Kindle on train)

So many attitudes in Chicago. I am seeing more Kurt

Cobain look-alikes than I know how to count

The fat black ladies who'll never make it

to the beauty pageant

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  1. They have no hope at all
    And you have everything there anything more to say? We give maximum privileges to some, and nothing to others. Is that the way to sustain a democracy? Does that offer us any hope of a sustained American way of life, of sustaining our traditions and principles in the future? Of course, there may be a question of policy or of strategy: what to do? But of the basic facts, there's no doubt.