Friday, March 18, 2011

A System Held Aloft by Clowns

That the system we live in in the U. S. is able to be seems to me dependent upon the foolishness of the persons in the system.

Almost all products we use day-to-day are sold to us by idiots. Capitalism consists of persons. They are motivated by a kind of crass desire for material gain. They are fools.
The things we buy day-to-day are sold to us by fools. The actual system itself is dependent on the very most stupid persons, who can be deployed as owners, advertisers, salesmen and so forth. It certainly is not dependent on some kind of intelligence, or on wisdom.
It is not dependent upon sensitivity, or feelings, or a sense of what humans need in order to be happy or at peace. Whether you call that empathicness, sensitive, or compassionate---it is not there. What capitalism requires is moronity. Moronicness. Stupidity. Sleep walkers manning the controls. The capitalist system of Japan is one of the most successful capitalist system in the world. They put five nuclear reactors together at one location. All in one spot. Lots of seawater to cool the ultra-dangerous fuel rods. Typhoon.
In capitalism, reality is exogenous. The radioactive waste created by nuclear power plants is the most dangerous of materials. You know this if you've read the literature put out by a few wise persons. The system, however, considered the creation of this horrific, deadly material to be justified. I cannot even imagine why. I'm not creative enough. The radiation created by nuclear reactions is one of the most horrific things that exists.
It creates atrocities that are otherwise unimaginable, but they are also man-made atrocities. It destroys nature. It attacks material existence itself. It's worse than global climate change/warming. It is an atrocity, specifically cooked up by the morons in charge of profit and what is called in economics "growth." In other words, loved and endorsed by the thousands of individuals upon whom the economy depends, for its very existence.
"Growth" seems to be linked with using stuff -- so we use lots of stuff -- other writers mention this -- and that depends on using electricity, and oil, but I was not going to go into the BP disaster, but at any rate: that eventually links up, somehow to nuclear whatcyamacallits.

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