Thursday, March 3, 2011

Report from the Wisconsin Capitol building

"As the parties tried to coordinate a common position and dusk fell Sunday, thousands of people continued to camp out at the Pearl Roundabout -- many vowing to continue their sit-in until political reforms and other concessions are promised"

This is a copy of the previous blogpost on this blog. It was from some internet news report on Bahrain. I copied that off, about two weeks ago.

But notice that it is simlar here in Madison, at least the part about camping out; and demonstrators refusing to leave until reforms come, or concessions or whatever.

I am sitting here at a computer in Madison: Sittin' by the Dock of the globalized Bay. But it's local, too. To stand up to oppression, as they are doing in Madison, what does it take? Well, I notice you need a lot of well-educated and articulate persons. There must be a totality of factors: a list involved. I thought them protester types were okay. They be doin it. Of course, as alluded to, that's because they have the culture for it. Also because they had a ticket in a governor who is a sort of a skunk or a rat!

When I actually got close and experienced it, I was impressed by what I saw. Now this ain't same as watching it on el T. V. news. You get close and you see all kinda of things that you won't see on the cable news channels --- yeah, all of them. All channels. The T. V. people cannot see. They have big radar bowls, to pick up the signals. But they receive nothing. More democracy here at the capitol than those on the idiot box as Mom called it could possibly conceive of and it is instinctual. That too.

So it is instinctual. And what other brilliant things do I have to say about this protest, in addition? As I say above, you seem to need to have a large number of persons of smart type and who clearly were ready and know what to do. I want to mention one thing straight away which is that the state troopers looked brainless. Not part of it. That simple. They aren't in the loop. How else can I say this? They're law enforcement officers, I know, but they looked mean. Had no awareness. Police: unfortunately we have police like this, and we cannot learn to train them any better than to be fascist totalitarian thugs. But that shows that I am right about the need for the wise or the educated to stand up for something. And it so, just because of very the fact that the police lack basic humanity and really do not get really simple, basic, intuitive stuff. It's a little strange but one cannot help but conclude that democracy and anti-democracy are related. Go figure it out for me.

Freedom isn't free. Corollary: the good things in life must have a price. And the Madison people's reaction is instinctive. I already said that too. So, it must be, I guess, the instinctive behavior of the educated. Educated people sneeze good. I guess. Does that make any sense? You know the difference between right and wrong. You are going up against persons who don't know squat. They lack that knowledge, Jack. That's pretty basic.

Basically, it was clear that some part of having a decent life or getting yourself a decent existence or a good state is about fighting. That's what I guess they don't tell you on your arrogant, smug little T. V. that features the great democracy-loving genius Chris Matthews. He worked for a Congressman. Wowie-Zowie. So he knows stuff man. But I do not think Matthews fights, or gets it. I don't think any of these people get it. I don't think they fight. I don't think the U. S. Army fights. Kills, maybe. They just kill, big deal. For freedom. Do you think so?

Is "fight" the fitting word? Then I don't know. Call it action, or protest. I don't know what. This is something I saw. Just now I saw this. It isn't such a big deal really. Drums are nice. Horns sound nice. Taking action. Not fighting. Sometimes fighting. Seems clear that there is a distinction between this kind of democracy, or enforcement of democracy by the will of the educated, and democracy merely meaning the vote. You don't vote on the vortex of action or the matrix of enigma. OK to "fight" in some foreign land. Then it is OK to talk about that in some kind of "Foreign Affairs" type magazine for wonks. Not OK to fight at home. At home, no. To foreigners. That OK, Fred. Ghaddafi say was "accident." Ghaddafi is American? Is Ghaddafi cheesburger? Is Ghaddafi Pepsi? Who is America's Ghaddafe? Walker perhaps? I don't know. Do not want to know.

Is just voting enough? You do not vote on whether to save your society or save the other people around you from being literally starved and destroyed, like Ghaddafi is doing, that nice man. You save people. If you can. Is that such a hard thing? You still can't figure this out? Well it is hard I reckon. It's real hard, Fred.

It all underscores a lesson we forget. (Our culture has no news media to remind us in any case!) Well there are plenty of idiots in Wisconsin to remind us. Put a cheese on your head and cheer. You have to act. The perverts and totalitarians have just reminded us that we needed to fight them. Does that mean they are important? Well, yes. Somehow they are part of that mix. I do not understand it. I guess that, as an intellectual, it is my job to figure things out.

We call it democracy but somewhere it is a kind of a fight, actually. You fight or the state oppresses you. Or do you vote for conservatives who say they will put the private sector in charge? But interesting that this vaunted "private sector," which trades publicly, in the stock market, seems to succeed only with crucial, timely support from the fascist state.

What is necessary in order to get this kind of protest going? There is a common knowledge base. The protestors have something in common. I alluded to that, that the protestors are rather capable people. I walked past many knowledge holders. Now the hominids in Wisc. come in both of two basic styles. There are ignorant ones, who vote and talk out of their bungholes. Then there are the smarty pants kind, in Madison and the Southern part of the state, some farming organic. Because they have the knowledge base the protestors at the capitol square were are able to pull off their "fight" when they had to. I know they did this anti-union or anti-public union thing in Ohio the other day but you can't do that sort of thing to people in Wisconsin.

A few more details and that some of the legislators are totally supportive. This is a detail I may have left out of my "Report." I'm leaving out a few details, so I had better put them in. Protestors are actually inside the building. Fighting for their right to be there --- which is kind of the whole point. It is their capitol. They get this.

The need to fight --- this is so surprising to those embedded in their
T. V. anchor or cable on the dock at H.M.S. fantasy --- is something you need. Oops bad grammar there. (Double need.) That's what I was reminded of, walking around the capitol, milling in the crowd. Fighting is something you definitely turn out to actually need. Weird. Maybe it's only in Wisconsin, but let's have a big hand for these cheesy fighters. Let's have a big hand for the fight club. Good golly miss molly. You need to fight. Who would have thought?

These guys can. I knew, but I needed to see, to be reminded. The state troops are standing there ready to hit them: "guarding" the statehouse. They are just thugs. Ignorance in uniform. They don't get it. But somebody does get it. What is "it"? it is that you need to hold onto the few rights you've got in this short, impermanent existence and, well---it won't come easily.

Duh. Not when there are so many dumb people in a state (or in a country) this size.

Many of the signs not overly nice to the man. It is about battling a person, a person the appropriate words for whom are not going to be used here as I will not deface my nice blog.

I mean that. I won't lower myself by calling him names. But such word are being used there. There on the signs. I am happy with that. That's fine. I guess a matter of locatin. I am not a protest. I am a blog. And there is a certain way they did it that was good. It not appropriate to do that blogside, matey, while my ship is in port. Yes they had many clever signs. Felt good seeing them saying that. I read multiple good ones. Yeah. There was a certain style there. There was a restraint, yeah. It was all right. Just like Lou said in his song.

It is not easy to find nice words here. If Scott Walker was a caveman, I'm sure he would be chewing on a bone.

I am saying that if you want to have such a protest be a success, what are needed are educated persons. The mass action, it seems to me, has already worked. Today it worked. Tomorrow who cares? They have been out there for several weeks, I believe. I am making some comments on the list of the things needed in order to do it.

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