Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Attacking Nature

On the sidewalk, in a commercial district: I walk past a window. Inside are four or maybe six men eating breakfast and interacting enthusiastically with one another.
Four or more men inside, eating breakfast, interacting. This is their "trope." Inside, everything is happy.
Outside the cold wind is blowing.

For five and six and seven hundred years, capitalism has channeled mankind's energies into narrow, localized destinations.

The naturality of life has not been left behind. Artificiality increases, but nature holds its own.

This is why capitalism functions. The bedrock human values - which are needs - somehow tag along.

More and more of the natural qualities are carried over into the artificiality behind the glass window. This has already a representation in philosophical thought, as the transformation of what they call "use" value - meaning the material elements of human life - into something more abstract, and artificial. This artificiality is called "exchange value."

Nature becomes entirely obscured until you need a genius (maybe with a magnifying glass?) to find it.

The mind puts together its tropes and cliche's.

The capitalist world is a cliche. Who will save us now that we are a nation of trained monkeys?

Jimi Hendrix declared the wind to cry "Mary" and many 60s musicians tried to articulate the natural side of life while simultaniously rendering it in pastels and poetry. Where are they now?
They ended up dissolved, in a puddle of perfume, on the ballroom (or bar room) floor.

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  1. I have an extraordinary talent for sitting still for long periods of time. I wrote that in a restaurant, "Original Mitchell's," home of the worst coffee on the planet. In Chicago... Andy Warhol used to write down how much he paid to get from here to there by txicab. I should write down how much time I spend sitting in places...