Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thursday, March 10 (2)

Chicago has been good fun----I have been getting the hang of it since the day before yesterday. I used to live on a pig farm in Tanzania. No, just kidding. Really.

OK. Now today I checked out the "Alonti Cafe'," for breakfast of a muffin and coffee ($4). This is part of what you do. What you do in Chicago is that you patronize the distinctly differentiated individual examples of cultural institutions: restaurants, bars, clubs (literally clubs like the oil-painting club, the fitness club, the hookah club, etc. and you) make friends, etc.

My delicious review of this one cafe', the Alonti. Everything was laid out very appealingly to the eye. Also, there was a feeling of space --- it was totally empty when I got there at a little after 9:00 A.M. Yeah, I know. I know what yo are thinking. I "should" have been at my job. I know what you are thinking but... To try to respond in as polite of a way as possible: The whole concept of a "job" has a history. It is weak language and it really has a long history that you should know about before you go tell everyone to "get a job." No such thing used to exist. (Now tell me I write bad sentences, go ahead.) You should learn a little about the history of the word "job" if you want to try to cop an attitude like that. The word "employment" too was unknown, until fairly recently in capitalist history, when it was discovered that capitalism needed a lot of "employed" persons in order to exist. What they would have preferred would have been to just have us all be serfs but capitalism came along and they had to give persons "jobs" and it just kept growing and look where we are

It's a nice idea but

it doesn't quite work. It's

kinda like life

I hope you didn't miss it but that was my restaurant review. See yesterday-post for another cultural institution in this metropolis: the "Pony" BAR. I have to go now and write another post.

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